Web Hosting Service Providers - 2024

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The most Bluehost Plans included unlimited disk space, Domain hosting, email address and bandwidth. The cPanel is enhanced and really easy to use and offers fast access to features. Bluehost security feature is excellent

Hostinger offers top performance and high quality web hosting services. Hostinger is one of the best web hosting provider when you look at its pricing. It has great options for both beginner and experienced developers. It provides multiple plans to choose based on your requirement.

If you have small or mid range business, if you are a blogger or looking a web hosting for ecommerce than this is best option for you. Interserver offer price lock guarantee, meaning that the price you buy for is the price that will stay with you forever. Also you can pay monthly, so there’s no need to pay for 2 or more years upfront!

In DreamHost you can choose from a wide variety of services ideal for start-ups, small business and they offers a plan which is totally free for nonprofits. If you buy DreamHost hosting plan, the price will stay the same no matter how many time you renew it. Dream host is one of the best hosting service providers.

HostGator is a one step shop for all things hosting. In addition to regular shared hosting, it also sells domains, offers VPS and dedicated servers and a Gator website builder that can help even a complete beginner to make a beautiful website in no time.

Hostwinds offers one of the fastest web hosting experiences in the business. Get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SSD storage and free certificate for a great price. This is one of the amazing web hosting providers.

HostPapa web hosting is capable for provide every client with high value, low price, and feature-packed hosting, complimented by amazing support. It is an all-in-one hosting company focusing on small businesses. One of the best web hosting providers

WPX Hosting

One of the best, super fast web hosting provider. WPX Hosting provide all the option, services tool to customize your website as per your requirement. It provide almost all the option including CDN, Migrations, unlimited SSL, staging, email, backup and many more. Visit to website for more details.

Consider following before choosing a web hosting provider

Types of Web Hosting?

      There are lot of confusion in the market about types of web hosting but today in this article we will clear all the doubts.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is perfect for entry-level website hosting. This is where your website will be stored on the same server as multiple other websites. With a shared hosting plan, all domains share the same server resources, such as RAM and CPU of hosting providing server. However, because all resources are shared, the cost of shared hosting will be low, making them an excellent option for website owners in their beginning stages.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the current buzzword of the technology industry. In regards to web hosting, it means many computers working together, running applications using combined computing resources. It’s a hosting solution that works via a network and enables companies to consume the computing resource like a utility.

Virtual Private server (VPS)

VPS hosting is unique because each website is hosted within its own space on the server, though it still shares a physical server with other users. While VPS hosting provides website owners with more customization and storage space, they’re still not able to handle incredibly high traffic levels or spikes in usage meaning that the site performance can still be affected by other sites on the server

Managed Hosting

Most hosting packages you will find online are likely to be managed. Hosting companies provide technical services such as hardware and software setup and configuration, maintenance, hardware replacement, technical support, patching, updating and monitoring. With managed hosting, the provider looks after the day-to-day management of the hardware, operating systems and standardized applications.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting gives website owners the most control over the server that their website is stored on. That’s because the server is exclusively rented by you and your website is the only one stored on it. This means that you have full root and admin access, so you can control everything from security to operating system that you run


Instead of keeping servers in-house or at a private data center, you may choose to ”‘co-locate” your equipment by renting space in a co location center. The center will provide the power, bandwidth, IP address and cooling systems that your server requires. Space is rented out in racks and cabinets. Co-location gives access to higher levels of bandwidth than a normal office server room at a much lower cost. You’re left to your own devices (literally) and will be expected to take care of everything including the hardware, software and services.